The Vineyard



The Domaine FL (Fournier Longchamps) was born in 2007 under the impetus of Julien Fournier. His ambition led him to bring together exceptional terroirs to the North and South of the Loire in the communes of Savennières and Rochefort Sur Loire.

Today, 39 hectares of vines are spread over the appellations of Savennières, Savennières Roche aux Moines, Anjou Blanc and Anjou Rouge, Coteaux du Layon, Coteaux du Layon 1er Cru Chaume and Quarts de Chaume Grand Cru.

All the plots are guided to produce organic wines and the Roche aux Moines plot follows the principles of biodynamics. The will of the FL winery is to achieve excellence.

Our grapes are therefore harvested in optimal conditions and pressed. Our wines are then matured in order to reflect this beautiful region, to express what they want to be. Without constraint.

Domaine FL - Roche Aux Moines 2014

Roche aux Moines


The vineyard, whose origins date back to the Middle Ages and which belonged to the Abbey of Saint-Nicolas d’Angers, is located on a rocky spur that juts out over the Loire and enjoys an ideal exposure.

The natural conditions combined with the commitments of the appellation’s producers (Chenin Blanc only, prohibited weedkillers and insecticides, low yields, prohibited chaptalisation…) are particularly favourable to the production of exceptional dry white wines.

Savennières Roche-aux-Moines is considered by professionals as a Grand Cru, comparable to the great Burgundies.




Dry white wines of a rare freshness with great ageing potential…
The Savennières appellation is internationally recognized as one of the most prestigious dry white wine appellations, although confidential!

Only Chenin Blanc is used in the making of this rare and delicate wine. On these hillsides overlooking the Loire River, the characteristics of this emblematic grape variety are combined with a complex subsoil of sandstone schists, rhyolites, and aeolian sands.

The result is a mineral, racy, delicately perfumed wine with notes of citrus fruits, white flowers and pears…

Domaine FL - Roche Aux Moines 2014
Domaine FL - Roche Aux Moines 2014



The Anjou appellation is mainly located in the department of Maine et Loire. The wines are generally very fresh on the palate. 

In white, the cuvée la Bergère is 100% Chenin Blanc, the king grape variety of the Loire Valley.

The other great grape variety producing an excellent Anjou Villages red is Cabernet Franc.

By its characteristics, it can produce wines of great finesse in the mouth, with red fruit fragrances and a fullness and persistence comparable to that of the best French crûs.

The red Anjou Villages is destined to grow in strength at FL in the coming years so that Le Cochet will be a top-of-the-range, elegant and racy wine.

Coteaux du Layon


With a production area of 1400 hectares spread over 27 communes on either side of the Layon, a tributary of the Loire, the vineyards of this AOC are the source of a sweet white wine.

Here again, it is made from Chenin Blanc alone, thanks to botrytis (Cinerea) or noble rot, which concentrates the sugar inside the berries.

On this appellation, 300 hectares (spread over 6 communes) are reserved for communal appellations and are at the origin of a Coteaux du Layon of superior quality because it has a higher sugar content.

It is on these communes that Domaine FL cultivates the vines that produce its Coteaux du Layon 4 Villages.

Domaine FL - Roche Aux Moines 2014
Domaine FL - Roche Aux Moines 2014

1er Cru Chaume


The Coteaux du Layon 1er Cru Chaume appellation represents 80 hectares. Located on a plateau, the thatched vines descend for almost 2 km down to the river Layon. The Chenin Blanc evolves on green and purple schists, phtanites, spilite, and powdery sandstones.

On these soils the botrytisation is earlier than elsewhere, giving the Chaume 1er Cru a deep golden yellow colour. 

Quarts de Chaume Grand Cru


It is from the vineyards of this 50-hectare enclave, in the heart of the Coteaux du Layon appellation, that a remarkable sweet white wine is made from Chenin Blanc. Its name of Quarts de Chaume comes from the Middle Ages, when the nuns of the Ronceray abbey claimed from the lords of the Haute-Guerche (who exploited the land), the best quarter of the production of the best terroir (“The best quarters of the harvest hanging on the reverse side of the south-facing side”).

The Quarts de Chaume is made from 100% botrytised grapes (attacked by noble rot) obtained in a natural way (without cryogenisation). It is produced in very limited quantities (about 425 hectolitres) in the commune of Rochefort-sur-Loire. Considered as a very great sweet wine (designated Grand Cru since 2011), its ageing time is exceptional.

In order to make a very high quality Quarts de Chaume Grand Cru, the estate’s team sometimes decides not to produce it in years when it considers that conditions are not optimal (3 years out of 5 on average). Here, the estate is above all looking for a balance between sugar and acidity, to make its Quarts de Chaume a wine that is both intense and mineral.

Vin Quarts de Chaume Grand Cru - Domaine FL - Pays de la Loire