Les 4 Villages

AOC Coteaux du Layon


La bouteille
Fraîcheur / Acidité

Coteaux du Layon

The  4 villages is a Coteaux du Layon made from, once again, only Chenin Blanc, thanks to botrytis (Cinerea) or noble rot, which concentrates the sugar inside the berries.

Its sweetness is perfectly counterbalanced by a refreshing acidity, which will perfectly accompany pears with walnuts or foie gras.

The name of the 4 villages comes simply from the fact that the grapes are harvested on plots located in 4 different villages surrounding our ultra-modern winery.


Oeil : Straw yellow color with amber glints

Nez : Aromas of candied fruits, apricot, honey and somes notes of acacia's flowers

Bouche : Lovely mellow attack, unctuous followed by a beautiful liqueur taste with solar equilibrium supported by a nice acidity. Wonderful aromatic persistence of fruits in mouth

Région : Pays de la Loire

Appellation : Coteaux du Layon

Cépages : 100% Chenin

Culture : Bio

Plat : Foie gras, pear and walnut